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Temperature measurement

Go on COFRAC, CETIAT's laboratory or on site measurements.
According to the standard ISO/CEI.

CETIAT's assets

Your advantage:
the reliability of measurements from a trusted partner

Calibrated instruments

CETIAT’s temperature measurement laboratory assesses the new instruments on the market and the new measurement solutions as part of its technological watch.

  • Platinum resistance thermometer; PRT (Pt25 etc.)
  • Industrial platinum resistance thermometer; IPRT (Pt100 etc.)
  • Thermo couples (TC-K, TC-J, TC-N, TC-T etc.)
  • Non-submersible sensors (multi-function sensors that combine several quantities in a single instrument, for example: weather station, thermo-hygrometer, thermo-anemometer, etc.)
  • Stand-alone and wireless recorders (dataloggers, RF probes, etc.)
  • Liquid expansion thermometers
  • Temperature measurement chains

Calibration ranges and methods for temperature measurement on the customer’s site (available only in French)

Calibration ranges and methods for temperature measurement at CETIAT's laboratory (available only in French)

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