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Studies and development

A measurement process must provide precise information for proper decision-making and efficient action. CETIAT can provide you with assistance in the design of new products or new manufacturing processes, optimisation of production chains or existing equipment in order to help you innovate or validate them.

The benefits of the missions performed extend beyond the simple metrological results: they improve the productivity, quality and investment or product costs.

Translating expertise into high quality results

The metrological function is at the heart of design, innovation, quality, accreditation and energy optimisation approaches. CETIAT offers you its expertise and resources so that you can capitalise on all of these benefits. CETIAT's study, development and consulting services can take very varied forms depending on the context however, they are all based on a proven approach that gives priority to:

  • Consulting and training: our experts begin by understanding and analysing your requirements then propose a common vocabulary to avoid any ambiguity
  • Exchange and assistance: you are associated with all phases in order to build on your project in a climate of trust and confidence that is best suited to your requirements
  • Independence and pragmatism: CETIAT offers realistic and concretely applicable solutions in all impartiality
  • Accuracy and versatility: CETIAT is a reference in French metrology with 3 national standards and has high expertise and significant resources

Your advantages:
more transparency, more relevance, more efficiency

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