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Liquid flow rate measurement and liquid micro-flow rate measurement

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According to the standard ISO/CEI.

Liquid flow rate measurement

  • CETIAT's assets
    • Best measurement uncertainties (available only in French) in France
    • Laboratory accredited by COFRAC within a flexible scope which allows us to develop and implement all measurement methods that are tailored to suit your needs
    • Various water temperatures and several line pressures to perform calibrations in conditions as similar as possible to actual conditions of use
    • Simultaneous calibrations of several outputs (voltage, current, values read on the display, frequency, pulse and differential pressure)

Your advantage:
the best measurement uncertainties in France to enhance the accuracy of your measurements


  • Calibrated instruments
    • Electromagnetic flow meters
    • Coriolis mass flow meters
    • Transit time ultrasound flow meters
    • Turbine flow meters
    • Volumetric water meters (oval wheels, gears, rotary pistons, etc.)
    • Rotameters (ball, floats, etc.)
    • Vortex flow meters

Liquid micro-flow rate measurement

Pioneer in Europe   Inauguration du banc de micro-débit du CETIAT

  • CETIAT's assets
    • Pioneer laboratory in Europe
    • Measurement from 17 μl.min⁻¹ (i.e. 1 ml.h⁻¹)
    • Measurement uncertainties ≥ ± 0.1 %

    Your advantage
    Innovation for your measurements

  • Some examples of applications:
    • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
    • Quantification processes, microreactors
    • Fuel consumption measurement
    • Qualification of medical devices (syringe, syringe pump, etc.)

Calibration ranges and methods for liquid flow rate measurement (available only in French) on the customer’s site

Calibration ranges and methods for liquid flow rate measurement (available only in French) at CETIAT's laboratory

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