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Air velocity measurement

Go on COFRAC, CETIAT's laboratory. National Benchmark
En laboratoire Référence nationale de la chaîne d'étalonnage
According to the standard ISO/CEI.

CETIAT's assets

  • Best measurement uncertainties (available only in French) in France
  • COFRAC accredited laboratory
  • A comprehensive measuring suited to all air velocity needs
  • Various calibration conditions possible in order to obtain conditions that are as similar as possible to actual conditions of use (temperature, relative humidity and vertical or horizontal flow direction depending on the velocity range)

Your advantage:
the best measurement uncertainties in France to enhance the accuracy of your measurements

Calibrated instruments

  • Revolving-vane, vane or cup anemometers
  • Thermal anemometers (hot wire, hot film, hot loop, etc.)
  • Ultrasound anemometers
  • Vortex anemometers
  • Laser Doppler Anemometers (LDA), including to determine the fringe spacing
  • Pressure probe anemometers L or S style Pitot tubes, Rechnagel probe, etc.)

Calibration ranges and methods for air velocity measurements at CETIAT's laboratory (available only in French)

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