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Air Humidity Measurement

Go on COFRAC, CETIAT's laboratory or on site measurements. National Benchmark
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According to the standard ISO/CEI.

CETIAT's assets

  • Best measurement uncertainties (available only in French) in France
  • Laboratory accredited by COFRAC within a flexible scope which allows us to develop and implement all air humidity measurement methods that are tailored to suit your needs
  • Comprehensive range of calibration solutions to validate the points in real conditions of use
  • Simultaneous relative humidity and temperature calibrations
  • CETIAT’s air humidity measurement laboratory takes part in national or European research projects which guarantees you can constant access to the latest scientific developments and technological innovations

Your advantage:
the best measurement uncertainties in France to enhance the accuracy of your measurements

Calibrated instruments

CETIAT’s hygrometry laboratory assesses the new instruments on the market and the new measurement solutions as part of its technological watch.

  • Condensation hygrometers (mirror)
  • Metallic oxide hygrometers
  • Impedance variation hygrometers (capacitive or resistive)
  • Electrolytic hygrometers
  • CRDS (Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy) type hygrometers
  • Electronic psychometers
  • Stand-alone and wireless recorders (dataloggers, RF probes, etc.)

Calibration ranges and methods for air humidity measurements on the customer’s site (available only in French)

Calibration ranges and methods for air humidity measurements at CETIAT's laboratory (available only in French)

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